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Sales Team

Since founding Thompson Building Materials in Tustin, California in 1962, Ken Thompson has developed his once small business into one of the largest building materials distributors on the West Coast. Ken has accomplished this by providing the highest quality customer service, coupled with a genuine respect for each individual. This honest way of working is how Thompson maintains strong business relationships. Representatives at Thompson work hard to showcase the integrity of each product, personally delivering samples and providing integral information to all customers.

Bernie Pimentel

Architectual/Contractor Sales North LA

Tina Berkaw

General Sales/Marketing Manager

Jeremy Stacy

Architectural Sales Los Angeles

Allison Dillard

Architectural Sales Orange County/San Diego

Daniel Sanchez

Architectural Sales OC/SD/IE

Daniel Soto

Contractor Sales San Diego

Alex Aguilar

Contractor Sales Orange County

Adam Rodriguez

Contractor Sales Camarillo

Scott O’Brien

Contractor Sales Fontana

Jake Brieden

Contractor Sales Inland Empire

Javier Ortega

Scaffolding/Precast Sales Inland Empire

Gabriel Zepeda

Contractor Sales Orange County